Matt Rogan - Weekdays 10am - 1pm

Matt Rogan on Max RadioEvery morning at 10am, Matt takes you on a journey through bonafide MAX old skool classics on 'The Glory Years'...

A familiar voice across Devon, Matt still resides in Torbay and can't wait to get back on air broadcasting to a place he now calls home, having previously worked on stations such as Heart, Palm, and more recently, The Breeze.

I think it's fair to say that Matt loves Devon - he must do - as he tells us that he once dressed up as a doughnut! **insert joke here**

Alongside his illustrious radio career, Rogan's pretty useful behind the decks and isn't a bad DJ at all... he told us that one too!


The Glory Years with Matt Rogan, weekdays at 10am.

Every morning at 10am, the 'Roganator' kicks off the morning show with 30 minutes of tunes you made famous on 'The Glory Years'.

The old skool bangers you lost yourself to on a sticky dancefloor, and memories of the best nights out in your life! If you danced to it - the chances are Matt will be playing it, as you guess the year!


Lets find out more about the man affectionately known as 'The Roganator'...

Matt Rogan on Max Radio3 words that best describe you...
Loyal, kind, funny

Do you have any skills or talent that most people don't know about...
Not sure if this qualifies, but I am weirdly proud of just how far I can squirt water through my two front teeth :) 

Your dream destination...
Many places but particularly want to visit the Amalfi coast.




Here's a bit more about Devon's favourite adopted son...

Place of birth? Bristol.
Kids? I own one 17 year old - Isla!
Favourite ever old skool tune? Very tough but probably Southside Spinners 'Luvstruck' from Kevin and Perry!


Want to drop Matt a message? Request a Song? or get a shout-out?
Go ahead!