Steve Ball - Noughty 90s - Sunday 7 till 10pm

Noughty 90s with Steve Ball, Sundays 7 - 10pm

Bally blasts out 3 hours of nothing but classics from the 90's and 00''s on the MAX Weekend, every Sunday evening between 8 and 10pm.





Let's find out more about Steve. We threw 3 questions at him;

Give us three words that best describe you...
DJ, dad and dependable.

Do you have any skills or talent that most people don't know about...
I'm not too shabby at making a go-kart go round a track pretty fast.

Your dream destination...
ANYWHERE with a sandy beach and clear blue water.


Here's more from our very own Peter Pan...

Place of birth; The 'mighty' Stoke on Trent.
Kids? 3 girls.
Favourite ever old skool tune, and why? Sandy B - Make the world go round. It's because of that baseline and vocal... epic!