Jason Hardy - MAX 80's - Sunday 1pm til 3pm

Jason Hardy with MAX 80's, Sundays 1 - 3pm

What can we say about Jase? Well, he's a much-traveled, experienced radio presenter... having worked on some of the UK's biggest radio stations, including Signal 1 and Radio City in Liverpool.

Jason will guide you through 2 hours of the biggest 80's classics on the MAX Weekend. Anything from the Beatmasters to Black Box, Stock, Aitken, and Waterman to Yazoo.. and everything in between. If you moved to it, the chances are it will be on MAX Radio 80's every Sunday lunchtime.

Let's find out more from Jason! We asked him 3 questions;

Give us 3 words to describe yourself...
Handsome, young, liar!

Do you have any skills or talent that most people don't know about...
I don't have any skills or talent... just listen to my show for proof! :)

Your dream destination...
To leave the house after lockdown. Then off to San Francisco! Been before and if I go again, then I probably won't be coming back! Just love the place.