Stu Haycock

Stu Haycock, Mon - Fri 4-7pm
Stu is your man to get you home on MAX with 3 hours of hands in the air classic belters and fun on the 'Revive Drive'!

He's no stranger to the radio, having previously presented shows at Beacon Radio, Signal 1, Rock FM and Hallam FM. However, he's now found his home on MAX.

What more can we tell you about Stu? Well, he's a massive football
fan (well, of sorts... he supports Forest) and spends most of his time apologising to people. He does enjoy running and going to the 
gym, but is yet to have the physique to match all the hours he tells us he puts in to the exercise!

You can find him on Twitter;

Let's find out more about. We asked him 3 questions;

Give us three words that best describes you...

Any of my exes would probably describe me as horizontal and frustrating, but loving. I think!

Do you have any skills or talent that most people don't know about...
Not so much a skill or talent really... more what I can't do! Where do I start.
I can't cook, do practical DIY stuff around the house, I can't iron very well, nor can I check the oil on a car... but I can change a tyre. What a catch!

Dream destination...
My favourite place on planet earth is Ibiza. I have family who live out there and try to get over as often as possible. It's paradise, and the most incredible place. I've spent holidays there 'living it up' and I've done the whole family holiday experience out there. Either way, if I could move there tomorrow, then I would.

More about Stu...

Place of birth; 
Kids? Yes, I have a 13 year old girl called Emily and a 17 year old lad called Sam.
Favourite ever old skool tune, and why? To be honest, I've too many to mention, but I love Barbara Tucker 'Stop playing with my mind'. I also love Delerium's 'Silence'... simply because I've lost myself to that track so many times over the years. 

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