Foxy on Max RadioFoxy is your new best 'Breakfast friend' across the whole of the West Midlands & Devon, playing old skool bangers at Breakfast, weekdays 7-10am...

"My shows have always been slightly different. Some say random. Some say average at best, some say the best in category. I'd love you to come and join me and the family of listeners every weekday morning on MAX. It's all quite simple, I'm a dad of two young girls, married to Leanne and I'll share the highs and the lows of every day life, the exact same things you go through!"

"Breakfast is as much your show as it is mine and together we will provide the smiles and stories that will entertain the West Midlands & Devon!"

Let's find out more about Foxy... we asked him 3 questions;

Give us 3 words that best describe you...
Big. Roast. Dinner.

Do you have any skills or talent that most people don't know about...
Skills? I have played the flute to a fairly high standard and played for the Hull youth orchestra.

Your dream destination...
I love beer and LOVE Bruges. If you've not been. Go!


... A bit more about Foxy

Place of birth? Hull.
Kids? 2 girls... Rosie and Elsie.
Favourite ever old skool tune, and why? Tall Paul - Rock Da House. Why? It just makes me soooo happy every time I hear it. It brings back so many happy memories of my mates back home up north and our lad's nights out in Hull. Great times.

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