NRG Music



The music we play is crafted to create that 'wow' factor. We're making it our mission that each time you switch on NRG - whether you're listening in the car, whilst getting the kids ready for school or chilling out at home with a glass of wine - you'll love what you hear.

NRG Music encapsulates a time in your life that you look back on fondly - but, you're not 'stuck in the past' - it's just that you have a love for the tunes we're belting out!

Most commercial radio stations in the UK have extremely 'tight playlists'. Basically, that's why you hear the same few songs coming around and around, time after time again. We totally get how frustrating and irritable that can make you. 

We thought we'd throw out a couple of our 'favourite' lines that listeners message in to pretty much every commercial radio station in the UK...

"Do you only have 2 CD's... change the record!"
"I am sick of hearing this track at the same time every day!"

Why do commercial radio stations play the same songs over and over again?
The logic behind it is that it gives that particular radio station that you're listening to a clear identity. It's the old adage 'You know what you're getting'. They also pull on research to select the 'best' songs...
How do they choose what to play?
ALL commercial radio stations rely on music research. It's essentially a bunch of songs played to a tiny proportion of their core audience... it's like a simple yes or no game. BUT, they only play short clips of the tracks they have selected to 'test'. From the information they pull from the data, they then decide what songs make it to air. We'll give you an example...
Let's take the 1990's artist Haddaway. You will remember the track 'What is love'...

This track will have been selected for 'testing'. The track is played to the chosen few and we can guarantee that the feedback will come back positive. Rightly so... it's a great track. However, there is a clear argument that this is also a floored method because if you trace back the artist, you will see that Haddaway scored a number of big hits in the 1990's. Whilst 'What is love' is a brilliant track, if you also played his other hits to that small crowd, we're pretty sure there wouldn't be much in the way of bad feedback. BUT, because this doesn't happen - this is why you only ever hear 'What is love'.

At NRG, we want to change this. Our thinking is really quite simple... yes, you want to hear 'What is love', but we're also pretty sure you don't mind us reviving other tracks from Haddaway, such as 'Rock my heart' or 'Life'.

We believe it is all about moderation, which is why YOU will be at the centre of everything we do, and most importantly, with the music were blasting out!