Trance Anthems - Euros 2020

What would happen if you replace football teams with trance anthems? Which nation would win?

From next Friday, fixtures will appear between selected anthems from the countries listed below. The fixtures mirror the football fixtures, with you deciding the winners through interactive polls.

Ultimately one nation will progress through the group stages and the knockout stages to be crowned European champion of trance anthems.

How it works:
Each nation has one anthem (from a producer either born or residing in the country) allocated to it in the group stage.

After 3 ‘matches’ the top 2 in each group progress to the knockout stages along with the 4 best 3rd place finishers...yep, just like the football.

In the knockout stages, each remaining country gets allocated a new anthem for each round, so it’s all about strength-in-depth as well as those killer tunes.