The Good, the Bad & the Ugly

The Good, the Bad & the Ugly.

Each month, we take a look back at The Good, the Bad & the Ugly, with Erin Wilson.

The Fashions...

You know, the 90s had so much going for it. Brilliant music trends that covered nearly every genre brilliantly. Some of the most iconic films and pins ups, who could forget Bay watch star Pamela Anderson or perhaps Zac from Saved by the Bell, God rest his soul!

Alas it wasn't all plain sailing. The fashion was borderline insanity in some cases and we've all made the disastrous mistakes one way or another in the, unfortunately not forgotten past.

This needs addressing, so we can forgive ourselves and move on if nothing more. Toss them all aside into room 101 never, I repeat NEVER to be heard of or seen from again. 

Dungeree's spring to mind! Full length, big baggy dungarees, and you NEVER Fastened both sides up, that just wasn't cool man. I'm pretty sure every one I knew had a pair, and if they said they didn't they were telling big old fat porkies! Even Kylie Minogue sported this faux pas, so ever likely we followed. Most of us ended up looking like we were applying to be Bob the builder's assistant, rather than slam home a number one hit. SO! In the bin they go!

The god awful parachute pants. I mean, they were first "fashionable in the mid 80s but they made a bit of an appearance in the very early end of the 90's too thanks to MC Hammer. Why oh why! Did you do it Mr Hammer, Sir. If you owned a pair or anything remotely as colourfully, tragically hideous (oh god the shell suits!!!) - Repeat after me "Please fashion gods forgive me for I have sinned!"


The afore mentioned shell suits. You can't have a 90s fashion list without adding this abhorrent, sent straight from hell itself attire added. This was just another thing the 90s refused to give back to the 80s and while the material changed a little because of the associated fire hazards, the design didn't alter much. Still as tragic as it is, society took the reigns eventually and if you wore one you were a great target for a good ribbing from your pals. Whoever thought up this concept should of been imprisoned by the catwalk police, the fashion investigation Beureau, whoever! Just .... for all our sakes find the culprits and sentence them accordingly. Annnnnnnnd relax! Phew, sure glad that particular nightmare has passed, I was starting to have flashbacks of the horrible, garish pink, purple and blue monstrosity, complete with a thick chunky headband you could see from Mars. That's right, we struggled to accessorise too!

Still it wasn't all bad, the 90's was pretty much a double edged sword when it came to fashion. You could get away with anything so long as you wore a crop top or a boob tube. Leggings or perhaps your boyfriends jeans with a cute belt? We practically designed the boyfriend jean. Or at least we like to think so. Maybe pair that cute little crop top with a "barely registers as a garment" skirt like posh spice. Or perhaps you were more sporty spice and you preferred the iconic must have - track suit poppers. Who didn't love poppers?

These bad boys were duel purpose, not only did they look decent compared to the unsightly shell suits we had endured, they also provided endless entertainment ripping the press studs apart on your unsuspecting friends. You were unlucky if yours popped all the way up instead of having the 2 fake press studs at the waist. - In fact, if you didn't have poppers; were you even there?

You know one thing that's missing here? Naff Naff!  THAT Jacket. That, big puffer jacket with the big block multicoloured lettering strapped right across your back like some sort of target. It might as well of spelled out "what am i wearing" If you are a 90s kid you likely had one of these. Even just recently I spotted one for sale on a well known selling site and there was a little nostalgic 12 year old me in the back of my conscious screaming "Buy it" for old times sake. Truth be known, I think Naff naff, is well.... a bit naff so the seller can keep his jacket and probably his spliffy hoodie too, but hey, at least they gave us fair warning with the branding. What do you think, do we stick this in the Good, the Bad, or the Ugly?