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Whether you're looking at radio or digital, our team at MAX Radio Creative have got you covered.

How does it work?
When you choose MAX Creative, you become part of our 'family' and we will be with you every step of the way... from a few ideas that you may have scribbled down on a piece of paper to the delivery of your campaign. We will craft your idea into a reality, and then some.

Why choose MAX?
Our broadcast areas reach out to a potential 2.1 million listeners across the West Midlands and Devon. Oh, and here are just another few reasons why you should choose to join the MAX 'family'..

  • Our listeners love what we do - through the music we play and the character of our service
  • Radio and digital content imagination are at the heart of everything we do
  • We share a common goal... achieving the desired results
  • We are personable and professional
  • Anything is possible
  • Our core audience is notoriously 'spending' money

Is Radio right for you? Absolutely!
Radio enjoys a special place in people's lives - and MAX Radio love it, with 93% of us tuning in.  It's a strong relationship too, with 30-50 year olds spending over 2 days a week of their lives with the medium.

For our clients and partners, it's a real opportunity to whisper in the ears of those listeners each day.

The figures suggest that the 14m people - some 21% of the population - have a relatively high disposable income, are active and healthy - and are powerful consumers.

You've got a great brand - and we'd like to partner with you to spread the word about what you do and about why our listeners should think about you. 

MAX offers a range of packages - from spot airtime to sponsorship and powerful brand integration, where your messages sit alongside compelling audio content on-air, and online via our platforms. We are developing real insight into our audience too, and happy to share the findings with you.


Reach a potential 2.1 million listeners across the West Midlands & Devon!

Talk to us today. You stick by your special friends - so we are offering very attractive packages for our founder clients.

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